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Lighting equipment

When it comes to HMI and Artificial lighting, we only work with ARRI. We have chosen ARRI as it is well known for its superlative quality and excellent optical performance.

We have also invested in the latest, top quality LED technology in order to expand our range. 
We can offer several very good Home Products; you can find out more about these from our crew.
The WATTS range goes from 50 W to 18,000 W both in daylight and artificial light, and also includes a selection of show-lights and theatre lighting.

We can provide all of the brands indicated below.

Chimera & Snapgrids

For every fitting, we have every possible Chimera light-bank in stock.

Grids are available in the dimensions 12’ x 12’, 08’ x 08’, 06’ x 06’, Large, Medium, Small and Xtra Small.








All of our butterflies are Matthews and come in 20’ x 20’, 20 x 12', 12 x 12’, 08’ x 08’ and 06’ x 06’.

Various types of frames are available and we stock most screens.






Grip equipment

Every vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive standard package of lighting accessories, tripods and cabling from companies such as Manfrotto, Avenger and Matthews.

This package has been put together by Crews for Crews and it contains everything you will need.
If you require additional equipment, it can be obtained from rental stock. We do our own, in-house trussing and rigging; our hoists and motors are regularly inspected in order to ensure they are always in good condition.